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Founder Pamela Paquin has an extensive career based in Sustainability, Systemic Conflict Resolution,
and using Nature as R&D for organizational practice.  Some of her favorite work included teaching school children about watersheds and indigenous flora and fauna, to University programs on Leadership in Complex Systems. In the Fall
 of 2013 she decided to put down her consulting work and walk the talk. Pamela is a firm believer that opportunity
 lies where there is tension and conflict. 


After spending the better part of a decade in Europe among fur loving Danes, and coming to the realization that 
faux fur is petroleum, and that her ferrets (much like mink) need massive amounts of space and stimulation to 
live a non traumatized life...she came home to New England a new mother and realized that 1 Million animals a
day were dying on American roads and in large part being thrown away.  After confirming with local taxidermists 
and trappers that the fur was usable (they pick up roadkilled animals and include them in trapped fur auctions) she
put on her work boots (and heels) and got to it. This didn't just mean learning the operational processes from the road up
it also means paying her workers a living wage, as a single mum she knows the difference that makes.  Pamela eats meat - usually from a farmer she knows locally, raises her own chickens and now goats...and tends a vegetable garden (that is far too small as therapy) away from the madness of being used as click bait. She has learned to use cinnamon to repel ants, soapy water to get rid of aphids, vinegar to clean with, and oregano essential oil for illness...but she just bought a V8 with a tow hitch because...well - no one is perfect and she has a steep, long driveway which is not fun to post hole up with groceries in snow storms.
The point is - we are all trying our best, humanity generally seems really lovely, and if we can be sensible and utilize a material that is eco-friendly while not adding to the death toll - shouldn't we try?   

After three seasons of harvesting and two years of selling - PMF is now a global sensation and offering a revolutionary fur that comes from animals who lived according to their own will.  We are working with the fur Industry to ensure not only the highest standard of product to our clients, but also if change is going to happen - we refuse to be a part of abusive self righteous school yard bully tactics. If you're going to propose compassion, it is important to walk the talk.  

Here are a few of the influential books that shaped Pamela's thinking - 




PS - Pamela is cool, but she made this page with the help of her awesome neighbor, Brian.