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Meet Pamela Paquin

Pamela Paquin is heart, soul, and creative brain behind Petite Mort. She is a savvy entrepreneur and a true citizen of the world, with 15 years experience as an International Business Consultant, living and working in Boston, Edinburgh (Scotland), and Copenhagen (Denmark); took her Masters degree in Peace and Conflict from the Universities of Castellon Spain and Innsbruck Austria.

After spending a decade of her life in Europe as an expert in International Sustainability, Pamela, a Boston native (and BC alumna), returned home with the vision of resurrecting the million a day loss of animals on our roads into luscious locally crafted and shameless furs.

Pamela is a mother, rock climber, lacrosse coach, avid gardener, drag hunt enthusiast, and as she puts it, “an admirer of all things with integrity.” With Mohawk ancestry in her blood and fond childhood memories spent on a farm raising animals, Pamela is predisposed to appreciate and respect our furry neighbors (and we’re not referring to the hairy guy two houses down).

With the involvement of investors and a dedicated team in place, Pamela is focusing on growing Petite Mort’s brand, overall awareness of her mission, and sales volume. The Petite Mort pipeline is projected to double this year with the addition of leather goods. (There’s so much to get excited about.)

When we asked Pamela what keeps her inspired every day, she responded without hesitation, “Motherhood.” She went on say that, “It’s as close to divinity as one can get, while being humbled at the same time.” She credits world travel and her hunger for constant learning for keeping her always striving for more.

Above all things, Pamela believes in kindness towards one another – human to human, but also human to fellow living creatures – and this is the foundation of her life principles and Petite Mort. She puts loving care into each piece she designs because she sees it as a tribute to the life it once belonged to.

Pamela is blazing a trail with her ethical fur line, and welcomes you to join her fabulous plight by sporting your very own, Petite Mort Fur. Connect with Pamela today to take the first step toward owning your very own custom designed, ethical fur.