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About Petite Mort Furs

In its opening year, Petite Mort Fur has set the fashion world on fire with its accidental furs. With headlines like “Roadkill to Fashion Fur” ABC’s Nightline Feature and “Would You Feel Better About Wearing Fur If It Came From Roadkill?” Fast Company, FastCoExist, Petite Mort Fur has taken the ethical conversation around the fur industry to the next level.

People all around the world, from New York, to Paris and Beijing, are talking about and ordering their custom Petite Mort Furs. Petite Mort Fur’s mission is to shift the $35 Billion fur industry to a paradigm of compassion, sensibility, and freedom by respectfully resurrecting 365 million wild animals killed on our roads every year, which are currently thrown away or sent to auction undifferentiated from trapped fur.

Petite Mort Fur clients can stay warm and fabulous knowing they’ve made a compassionate and informed choice. Petite Mort Fur donates a percentage of our profit to building wildlife underpasses, and donates excess fur to the education of students about wildlife to ensure the next generation is empowered to make an educated choice and travel our roads with less threat to our fuzzy neighbors. Contact us to order your one-of-a-kind Petite Mort Fur for the 2016-17 season.

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